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An urban forest at the London Design Festival


Commuting time between work and home acquires new meaning with the “MINI Living. Forests” installation, an important demonstration of the creative use of small spaces in communal urban areas.

True to its principles, the MINI car brand, together with the architect Asif Khan, have designed three reduced-format themed rooms to complement everyday activities in future urban societies.

Asif Khan explores the Japanese idea of immersing oneself in a forest atmosphere (“Shinrin-yoku”) and uses plants as the essential tool for championing the personal space in public areas. Visitors thus have the sensation of being inside a forest at all times.

Three defined spaces: Connect, Create and Relax

As its name implies, the “Connect” room, with a great table acting as the room’s central piece, invites visitors to encounter each other. However, if the goal is to focus on work, the “Create” space is ideal. This zone represents an island of creativity and productivity where the groups can organise the furniture according to their needs. Lastly, The “Relax” space offers a green oasis in the midst of the city that invites us to sit down, relax and shut out the daily routine for a while.

Until 25 September 2016.




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