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2nd PIAM edition


The Matimex International Architecture Award has announced the prizes for 2016. In its second edition, the competition invited participants (professionals and students) to create a space or recover an existing one with materials from the Gruppo Fiandre Iris Ceramica, whose design would meet the new needs for learning, transmission and/or generation of knowledge.

The judging panel, which comprised professionals of recognised prestige associated with the world of architecture, has awarded the following prizes:

In the Professional category, first prize went to "Por la puerta de atrás" (By the Back Door) by Juan Alcalá Lara. The work stands out for its originality, its successful graphic representation, the consistency of its approach and the painstaking way of using and combining the materials of the Gruppo Fiandre Iris Ceramica. Second prize went to "Re.ocupar los límites" (Re.occupying the Limits) by Irene Ruiz Iranzo and Javier Tobías González.

In a dead heat, the panel awarded three second prizes to: "Ecos de un patio desvelado" (Echoes of an Unveiled Courtyard) by Juan Copado Bocero and Javier Serrano Fajardo; "Recorriendo el saber" (Traversing Knowledge) by Julia Molina Virués and Vicente Pérez Hernández, and "Primitivo" by Adrian Duran, Mario Baez and Florencia Koncke and Paolo Russi. The three projects stand out for their creativity in the project concept, their design quality and the precise and timely drafting of the data sheet.

In the Students category, first prize went to "Al futuro con el pasado" (To the Future with the Past) by Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán of the Alcalá de Henares Art School. Second prize was for Álvaro Millán Cruz with "Cube Museum".

Among the most highly appreciated projects by the jury is the Gruppo’s Active photocatalytic application, based on improving air quality and human health.

In order to bring these works to architects, students and anyone who is interested, the best projects entered form part of a virtual exhibition that can be viewed on the website


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