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At the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, Catalonia is represented by “Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice. Architecture beyond architects” a function presented by the Ramon Llull Institute that combines architecture and film.

The project’s three curators, the architects Jaume Prat and Jelena Prokopljevic and the film director Isaki Lacuesta, have devised a gradual route through seven public works by Catalan architects of different ages, selected as examples of an architecture that improves the user’s relationship with the human, social and natural setting.

All the architecture interventions works—which include a hospital, a car park, a theatre and a natural space—were completed in the toughest years of the economic crisis, a period when new needs arose that could only be met through an architectural strategy that was highly sensitive to the inhabitants and the environment.

Based on documental images to be projected on translucent glass surfaces, the hall’s 400 m2 gradually reveals the musculature of the Catalan industry. The purpose of the project is to establish a continuous dialogue with the users: on one hand, showing the experiences undergone by the users of the seven spaces and, on the other, stimulating the public’s reaction, involving visitors in a sensory approach to the artistic installation, helping them to take in the route, to understand how the projects function.

The exhibition also proposes a catalogue that can be downloaded online plus a webdoc, with interviews held with the creators and the teams that participated in the seven works on display.

Until 27 November 2016


Av. Diagonal, 373
08008 Barcelona. Spain

T/+34 934 678 000

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