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L'architecte autrement


This exhibition in Montreal, which was open until 10 April, evaded the traditional limits of architecture to focus on experimental projects that understood and still understand architecture as a dynamic field for investigation through which to tackle the most pressing problems of our times.

The exhibition was organised through the study of twenty-three cases that emerged between the 1960s and the present day. It analysed the critical and radical work of independent research groups, university groups, editorial projects and discussion forums that questioned themselves on the figure of the architect and gave rise to new ways of thinking about the profession.

The curator of the show, Giovanna Borasi, sought to present case studies that would call into question the concept of the individual “authorship” of the architectural work to favour a vision of collective creation that operates by establishing collaboration networks between a range of actors.


1920 Rue Baile, Montreal, Canadá

T/ +1514-939-7026

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