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A polyphonic conversation on design and other things


The work and thought of the award-winning designer Curro Claret are the starting point for a series of conversations featuring recognised voices linked to the world of art and design.

The book, excellently edited by Ramón Úbeda, not only becomes a powerful polyphonic reflection undertaken through the language of design; it also champions a facet that is both humble and brilliant and that should become part of our industrial culture, one that is so well personified by Curro Claret.

His work is distinguished by being the result of constant reflection on the role of the designer in society and the inclusion of the user in the creation processes. At the same time, his design can be described as social insofar as it is often a tool for generating processes of inclusion, collaboration and co-design with collectives of people in fragile situations.


Via Laietana, 47 2º
08003 Barcelona. Spain

T/+34 933 228 161

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