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Culinary architecture

ON344-345 - JUL/2014

Ferran Adrià’s cuisine as inspiration in the architecture of Hedwig Van Impe is the main theme of Together Apart, a book by Remei Giralt that shows how the architectural complex of La Dividida was conceived as a result of uniting two apparently unrelated disciplines.

With an architecture based on conceptualism and the balance between the final work and the ideas that underpin it, the architect focused on Adrià’s work, fascinated by his way of erasing the limits between gastronomy and art. After analyzing and soaking up the Catalan chef’s creative universe, Van Impe selected four formulas to set the basis for La Dividida: fragmenting to achieve victory, perceptions to generate surprise, weightlessness as a mental state for liberation and the combination of humble and precious materials. The sum of these elements gave rise to an “architecture of earthly delights”, an architectural podium that, adjusted to human scale, creates harmony between everyday life and work.


Kasteelstraat 97, B-8700 Tielt (Belgium)

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