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An art gallery in a hotel


Urban art is the protagonist of the new 4* Vincci Bit Hotel, a space that emerges from an innovative, avant-garde concept: that of creating a veritable gallery of modern art, open 365 days a year, inside a hotel. More than 2,000 square metres of mural art distributed around its corridors and communal spaces in a veritable tribute to the world of street art, illustration and design through the works of 10 artists of recognised trajectory, which are displayed permanently on the walls of the building’s 7 floors, the flat roof, the basement and a few communal spaces.

The building, the work of the Catalan architecture practice CIRICI & BASSO, enlisted the Chilean Jaime Beriestain for the interior decoration. In addition to giving the building its peculiar decorative style with vintage pieces from the ‘60s-‘70s, both originals and re-editions, in-house designed furniture produced specifically for the project and other elements from recognised brands in the world of design, he has been entrusted with selecting the artists who will decorate the hotel, in a journey around the world of emotions through different cultures and techniques that reflect the eclecticism and vibrant nature of the city of Barcelona.

Ten artists and their ten different ways of viewing art in a hotel designed to be visited floor by floor and in which each chose work has to appeal to the visitor. Like the great mosaic in front of the entrance door by the Spaniard Marta Cerdá who, together with Yoshi Sislay, a Japanese illustrator now working in Barcelona and his black marker pen drawings on a white background that also decorate the seventh floor, have been in charge of the ground floor; or those produced by the Russian design studio Dopludo Collective on the lower ground floor, highly varied and unconnected but with a common denominator: their capacity to transmit to the observer the sensation of floating thanks to a curious visual effect. The upper floors where the rooms are located have been decorated by different artists who have given each corridor a different appearance. Thus, while the architect and illustrator Mister Mourau has created the one on the first floor with his drawings of cities and other constructions, the designer and illustrator Alex Trochut has done the second floor, with a mural inspired in nature and in the aesthetic of the 1950s. On the third floor the visual artist Aleix Gordó y Dixon has chosen the world of dreams for his corridor, while the fourth floor is given over to the US artist Matt W. Moore and his geometric-shaped mural. The imaginary world of the illustration studio Brosmind, with colourful elements and personages who float and interact with each other, bring the fifth floor to life, while on the sixth the visitors can enjoy the tapestry created by the illustrator of Italian origin, Lorenzo Petrantoni, by joining together a multitude of illustrations. The Frenchman Christian Gastaldi culminates the building on the eighth floor with a collage made from posters, unleashing an explosion of colour boosted by the outdoor light.


Josep Pla 69, 08019 Barcelona - Spain

T/+34 93 165 74 20

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