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Europan 11

ON325 - FEB/2012

The Spanish teams have won the largest number of awards at the eleventh edition of the EUROPAN competition.

EUROPAN is an ideas competition for architects under 40 years old organised annually in different European locations. The topic chosen for this edition was “Resonance between territories and ways of life. What architectures for sustainable cities?”.

The primary object of the competition is to increase exchanges between professionals in this territorial sphere and to foster the proposal of innovative ideas in the field of housing as well as maximum quality in architecture and urban planning for our cities, offering the opportunity of hiring young award-winning architects.

Each one of the member countries has a national organisation whose representatives at European level constitute the General Assembly in charge of coordinating, regulating and disseminating the results of each notification.

In each country, an international judging panel evaluates the works entered and issues a decision in accordance with the quality of the proposals and not necessarily with a distribution by location.

At this edition, as well as Spain the participating countries at EUROPAN 11 were: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Kosovo, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. In all of Europe a total of 49 locations and 1,823 proposals were entered. The Spanish teams won 24 of the 95 prizes awarded. The Spanish winners for the European locations were: Dubrovnik, Croatia, Jaime Font Furest; Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Francisco Javier Castellano Pulido, Tomás García Píriz, Luis Miguel Ruiz Avilés, Paloma Baquero Masats, Juan Antonio Serrano García; Pejë, Republic of Kosovo, Roberto García, Héctor Arderius and Simrishamn, Sweden, Iria de la Peña, Miguel Huelga.

The Jury that decided at the eleventh edition of the EUROPAN competition in Spain, chaired by Javier García-Germán and Carmen Imbernón as Secretary, met on two occasions to analyse the 260 proposals entered for the 6 locations on Spanish territory.

The authors of the award-winning proposals at EUROPAN 11 / Spain were the following: Alcalá de la Selva, Pol Viladoms Claverol, Arnau Sastre Cuadri, Cecilia Rodríguez Vielba; Alcorcón, Diego Jiménez López, Juana Sánchez Gómez; Cerdanyola del Vallès, Josep Ferrando Bramona, Marc Nadal Benito, David Recio Muniesa; Getaria, Jose López Parra, José Manuel Calvo del Olmo, Guillermo Gosalbo Guenot and San Bartolomé, Francisco Javier Castellano Pulido, Tomás García Píriz, Luis Miguel Ruiz Avilés, Paloma Baquero Masats, Juan Antonio Serrano García.


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