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Je suis dada


In the early twentieth century Tristan Tzara established the bases of Dadaism, an artistic movement that rejected the social and aesthetic values of the era through the use of methods based on the absurd and the irrational. Dadaists also renewed forms of expression by using unusual and waste materials, often found in the street, and techniques such as collage and assemblage to transform these everyday objects into pieces of art. Some of these techniques were recovered a few years later by the surrealists who, in this case, opted for automatism and other forms of free mental association that allowed them to transfer the images of their subconscious and their dreams to the world of art.

Both movements are the starting point for the work currently being peformed by Flemish designers such as Daniël Weinberger, Silke Fleishero, Hilde De Decker, Sofie Lachaert and Luc D’Hanis, Siegred De Buck or Nora De Rudder, among many others. Their ironic and humorous proposals, halfway between fine arts, decorative arts and anti-art, can be viewed at the Carlos de Amberes Foundation in Madrid until 6 February 2011. The exhibition has been organised by Design Flanders, an entity charged with promoting contemporary Flemish design, and is curated by Inge Vranken.


Claudio Coello, 99 - 28006 Madrid

T/914 352 201

F/915 781 092

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