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New headquarters for Barcelona's History Museum


The architect Jordi Badia (BAAS) will be charged with transforming the old Oliva Artés factory-workshop in the district of Poblenou (Barcelona) into a cultural space, the headquarters of Barcelona's History Museum (MUHBA). The space stands out for its interior, with manual brick walls and a basilica-like floor plan, two elements that Badia wanted to respect and transform into the protagonists of the new space.

The project "seeks to build a tremendously contemporary space without renouncing the enhancement of the original industrial architecture", as they explain at the BAAS studio, adding that their proposal "presents a new way of intervening in the industrial heritage, giving greater value to the interior space than to the facades". Thus the interior of the factory will be left intact and a new body on the ground floor will house the museum offices and entrance. In the manner of a porch, this new space will open on to the Parque del Poblenou where the building is situated. The lift will also be placed on the outside of the factory to become a vertical counterpoint recalling the old chimney stacks of the metallurgical industry. In addition, and with the intention of establishing links with the factory's past, all new works –added bodies, floor, stairs, walls and roof- will be executed in a single material: galvanised iron. The new facades will also be covered in this material and the façade on calle Pere IV will be refurbished.

The headquarters of the MUHBA, with a surface space of three thousand four hundred metres square, is due to be completed by late 2012. The project joins the list of works developed by the BAAS studio since 1994, a trajectory that in October was reviewed in the exhibition Vacíos persistentes (Persistent Voids) organised at Mínim (Barcelona).


Montserrat de Casanovas, 105 – 08032 Barcelona

T/933 580 111

F/933 580 194

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