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Japanese graphics in Water for life

ON302 - JUN/2009

For over two decades, the Japanese Association of Graphic Designers (JAGDA) produces exhibitions that seek to promote values such as peace, the environment and the defence of world heritage through graphic design. In 2005, the association approached the topic of water and organised the show Water for Life that, after several journeys through Japan, is now moving to the Design Central of Matadero Madrid until 13 September 2009.

Almost three hundred works in poster format, chosen from among the proposals of over four hundred design pupils from all over Japan, integrate this show and review creativity in the field of current Japanese graphics.

The show also represents an opportunity to pay homage to the figure of Shigeo Fukuda, graphic designer and director of JAGDA, who died in January 2009. Through simple creations and unexpected sleight of hand, Fukuda defended throughout his trajectory a graphic design committed to ideas and people. The Association of Madrid Designers (DIMAD) participates in this tribute with Ilusionismos, a projection featuring different projects that reinterpret Fukuda’s work. Water for Life is complemented with a programme of round tables on the cultural relationship between Japan and Madrid, as well as an installation by the graphic designer Masaki Yamabe and a sample of the best books of Japanese design.


Matadero Madrid. Paseo de la Chopera, 14 – 28045 Madrid

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