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Mireia Sentís

ON296 - OCT/2008

The anthological Mireia Sentís. Photographs 1983-2008 is presenting, until 9 November 2009, the photographic series created by this Barcelona photographer, critic, art curator and writer over two decades, together with a selection of documents and books published by the artist. The first exhibition line covers the series Felicon, Maximum Audience and Telecomments, which reflect on the body, identity, time and the media image. Claustrophobia, which recreates the psychologically obsessive climate of everyday life, Black Suite, centred on the history of black US culture; and Jewels, which exploits the language of eroticism in publicity, close this more introspective section. In a second section the author crosses Haiti camera in hand, giving us a look on the varying perception of objects inside and outside the art market; or travels around the castles of Castile, where she explores the Castilian landscape.


Alcalá, 42 – 28014 Madrid

T/913 605 400

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