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Moving Kitchen wins the Creative Formica competition

ON295 - SEP/2008

The Moving Kitchen project presented by Mireia Masdeu (Mireia Masdeu Studio) has won the 6th International Creative Formica Competition. The event involved the design of a kitchen in a reduced space that would adapt to the lifestyle and eating habits of young people.

The prize-winning proposal is a mobile kitchen module that serves as a kitchen, utility room and dining table. Measuring only 5.52 metres square, the module can be shifted around the home, thus facilitating multiple layouts and adapting to the different needs for space on each occasion. Moving Kitchen is complemented with a raised technical floor, Formica Unifloor, and a false ceiling made of accessible and removable panels with profiles that fit into concealed guides for allowing through the water, gas and electricity pipes and cables in order to favour their mobility. The panel highlighted the project for its capacity to adapt to the evolution of the user and for using criteria of proven functionality and viability.

Second prize went to the AR3 proposal by Zuriñe Polo and Ana Gloria Campos, of the Gaia Design School of San Sebastian, based on a singular cube-shaped multi-use kitchen.

The panel for this edition, which has received over a hundred and fifty projects from Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, was integrated by the designers Isabel López, Pietro Arosio and Raquel Chamorro, plus the representative of the company Santos Cocinas y Baños, Renato Alonso.


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