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ON280 - MAR/2007

Formica has published the book Arquitexturas/Valencia that features through the black and white photographs of Rafael Vargas an overview of the city of Valencia through eight architectural icons built in the last twenty years. The volume, written by Juli Capella and Ramón Úbeda, reflects the transformation undergone in the urban landscape of the city since the nineteen-eighties and emphasises the crucial role played by architecture in this change.

The buildings selected by the authors are the Palau de la Música by José María de Paredes; the IVAM by Emilio Giménez Julián; the Congress Hall by Norman Foster; the City of Arts and Science by Santiago Calatrava; the MUVIM by Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra; the Veles e Vents buildings by David Chipperfield and Fermín Vázquez; the new Valencia Trade Fair by José Mª Tomás Llavador and the Polytechnic City of Innovation / UPV by Luis Ferrer.

The book consists of eighty-four pages and is the second instalment –the first one was dedicated to Bilbao—in this collection thought up by Formica to feature from an architectural point of view the different cities and their most characteristic buildings.


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