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ON279 - FEB/2007

The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum will celebrate its tenth anniversary in October by inviting several artists who will carry out an architectural-artistic intervention on the bridge of La Salve, a route into the Bilbao city that blends and integrates perfectly into the museum.

The French artist Daniel Buren with his project Cruzando (Crossing) a sculpture built in situ, will be in charge of transforming this bridge and turning it into another piece of the Museum Collection.

Buren considers that the only element that distorts the elegance and harmony created by Frank Gehry between the Museum and the bridge is its steel arch. That is why his intervention focuses on covering this structure with a red skin in order to modify its shape without having it lose its original function.

The colour chosen by the artist will contrast with the green of the structure of the bridge that, in turn, generates a chromatic connection with the titanium of the scales on Gehry’s building. The lateral edges of the arch will be painted in black and white stripes in opposition to the rd colour. The piece will also feature static lighting projected on both faces of the red arch and another light situated in the laterals, in constant movement over the internal and external edges of the structure.

The other artists invited by the Guggenheim were Liam Gillick, Jenny Holzer and Cristina Iglesias, all of them known for their work on a monumental scale and the use of unique languages and materials. Finally, only Buren, Gillick and Holzer presented their projects, which were displayed during the last months of 2006 in one of the halls in the museum.

The winner was chosen by a commission formed by representatives of Bizkaia’s Provincial Government and the Basque Government; the architect Santiago Calatrava; the Exhibitions Secretary of London’s Royal Academy of Arts, Norman Rosenthal; the Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Thomas Krens; and the Director of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, Juan Ignacio Vidarte.

Owing to the popular nature of the project and the way it integrates into the city, museum visitors were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite proposal. The majority opinion of the visitors counted as a vote in the selection commission.

The project, which works on a budget of two hundred and thirty-nine thousand euros, will be executed over the next months and will be ready by October 2007 to coincide with the Museum’s anniversary.


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