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Layna and Hydra RXU

Para/for Simon Lighting

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Two models of light spots that use solar energy during the day to charge up the batteries that supply the electrical energy that will keep the lighting unit switched on during the night. The first model is composed of the Layna light spot that uses 48 high-powered LEDs of 115-130 lumens as the source of light. It features a square 175Wpic solar panel that charges up two 1vV-100Ah batteries. The second model is composed of the Hydra RXU luminaire with a 50W high-pressure sodium lamp mounted on a cylindrical column. In this case, electrical power is produced through an elliptical 165 Wpic solar panel that charges up two 1vV-100Ah batteries. In both cases, and with these units, the minimum charge time is 8 hours, with maximum operating autonomy of 16 hours. However, as in any project that includes solar light spots, it is necessary to draw up a prior study with the objective of calculating the charge period according to the atmospheric characteristics inherent to the installation zone.

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Para/for Simon Lighting