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Iratzoki Design para/for Alki

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Laia receives its name from a traditional farming tool. This is a comfortable chair with a flexible shell, wrapped in the padding of the vegetal foam, reinforced by the touch of wool.
The backrest and seat are created from a curved beech wood structure. The different layers of wood are heated and subjected to pressure in the mould until they adopt the desired shape. When the part thus obtained has cooled and has acclimatised, it is subjected to cutting by numerical control. The seating surface is covered in vegetal foam based on soya oil, with a density of 35 kg. The foam is covered in the front part with 100% pure lambswool, available in seven calming colours, and in the back part by felt. The lambswool acts as a natural
temperature regulator and favours ventilation when it is hot and the increase of temperature when it is cold. It is hypoallergenic and absorbs humidity. The whole rests on a structural trestle made from solid European oak with PEFC sustainable forest certification. The source is a state-owned forest managed by the ONF.
The painstakingly devised solid wood structure provides the solidity that holds up the delicate seat. Both parts fit together in shape and function in a logical manner and without any stylistic stridency. The different components of the chair are joined together with water-based glue.
Owing to its dimensions, it can be installed in all types of environments, such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or kitchens.

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Iratzoki Design para/for Alki
Iratzoki Design
Azkaine, Francia