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Dels Encants School

Roger Méndez i Badias

FAD Awards finalist   Architecture
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The Jury's appraisal

In its scale and assertiveness, the building responds to the urban setting of Plaza de Les Glòries, in permanent transformation. The façade giving on to Les Glòries, with graded transparencies, reflects, in its layers filtered at different depths, the new programme of uses of this singular educational project. The choice of incorporating terraces into the vertical volume to optimise spaces intended for playground use is very successful; proof of this are the cheerful and ventilated classrooms with fluid connection to the outdoors. The integration of a central «void» (a space without a specific programme) to enhance teaching activities beyond the classroom is exemplary and points to the determination of finally building a new way of learning.

This project tackles the construction of a singular and pilot educational project within the framework of Barcelona’s state school system, on Plaza de las Glorias, in an urban setting undergoing transformation and filled with potentialities, many of them as yet unspecified.

The school project has been organised according to floors grouped two by two. On the ground and first floors are the public part of the programme and the nursery classrooms, while the second and third floors house the primary schooling programme in a double-block typology in which the classrooms are situated on either side, connected through a central void. On the fourth floor are the communal spaces such as the assembly room or the gym next to a large terrace.

The building expresses itself on the outside with a skin in perforated sheeting 35% permeable with the aim of filtering sunlight radiation and protecting the privacy of the educational spaces, while the southeast façade presents three openings of large proportions that seek to respond to and establish a dialogue with the great urban void that is currently Plaza de las Glorias.

Seeking to succeed in constructing a “zero energy building”, the project opted for a solar energy capture installation by means of a total of 254 solar panels situated on the building’s roof, which generate 67-Kw electric power.

The project also chose to maximise to the utmost a DHW production system consisting of three condensing boilers in a cascaded installation supported by a solar panel field and an energy accumulation system. The facility has also been climate-zoned to make the most of the building’s double-block typology, in such a way that the southeast wing operates independently from the northwest wing.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Roger Méndez Badias (arquitecto - AMB). Director Obra Site Director: Roger Méndez Badias (arquitecte - AMB), Olga Mèliz (arquitecta tècnica - AMB). Colaboradores Collaborators: Aïda Artiz (arquitecta - AMB), Catalina Montserrat (eng. agrònoma - AMB), Gisela Traby (eng. tècnica - AMB), Paula Beltran, Cristina Pedreira (arquitectes), Antonio Duran (estudiant arq. - AMB), Albert Berdiè (instal·lacions - TECTRAM), David Garcia (estructura - BISARQUITECTES), Ivan Capdevila Peña (ERF - Estudi Ramon Folch i Associats S.L.). Promotor Developer: Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB). Constructora General Contractor: Dragados. Año proyecto Project date: Novembre 2013. Ejecución Completion: Agost 2015. Superficie construida Built area: 4.150 m2 (edificación), 2.352 m2 (espacios exteriores propios de la escuela) y 320 m2 (urbanitzación). Fotografía Photography: Marcela Grassi.
Suppliers list
Aislamiento acústico: Trocellen Ibérica www.trocellen.com jvfernandez@trocellen.com

Ascensor: Zardoya Otis www.otis.com otis.spain@otis.com

Instalaciones integrales: Mercadomótika www.mercadomotika.com comercial@mercadomotika.com

Protección contra el fuego y anticorrosiva en la estructura metálica del edificio: Vimat www.vimat-ignifugats.com info@vimat-ignifugats.com

Aislamiento térmico por el exterior con corcho visto en fachada: Barnacork www.barnacork.com info@barnacork.com

Recubrimiento multifuncional antigraffiti: IPL www.ipl.es info@ipl.es

Carpintería de madera: Fussersa fussersa@telefonica.net

Jardinería: Drim Medi Ambient www.drimmediambient.com drim@drimmediambient.com
Roger Méndez Badias

V. Grassi, Marcela