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Pal bicycle eco-park

Josep Novell y Josep Puig

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The Pal bicycle park is a solid monolith made entirely from recycled plastic, a material that absorbs impacts of some intensity. It features four holes through which the bicycle safety locks are threaded and that permit anchoring of up to two units. There is a version without holes available, which acts as a pylon. Its textured surface prevents the application of stickers and graffiti, thus reducing maintenance tasks.
Its plastic surface and manufacturing process permit engraving information such as logos, symbols, environmental messages, etc.
It is easily installed through a single hole in the ground and affixed with structural adhesive.
The project results from attempting to make compatible a product with very high performance in the analyses of Strategic Environmental Valuation (VEA) and Life Cycle Analysis (ACV), with the functional requirements of use for which it is destined.

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Josep Novell y Josep Puig
Josep Puig & Josep Novell