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Débora Benítez Álvarez para/for Banda de rodadura

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Handbags and complements made from inner chambers from bicycles, cars and lorries that are given a cleaning process with biodegradable products. Their manufacture is a mixture of industrial and artisan methods.
The collection is composed of a briefcase made from the rubber from a lorry tyre, a shoulder bag, belts, bracelets, notebooks and wallets made from bicycle tyres, etc.
The design of the accessories respects and includes the aesthetic of the tyre, leaving the pump valves in view as well as patches from old punctures and factory inscriptions. Some of the models include the curvature of the actual tyre as part of their design.
Among their qualities are flexibility, impermeability and high resistance to the corrosive effects of outdoor conditions, favouring the product’s durability.

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Débora Benítez Álvarez para/for Banda de rodadura
Débora Benítez