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Para/for Compostadores

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A composter – container model designed for recycling organic matter in the place where it is generated – especially designed for gardens, but with accessories that also make it suitable for paved spaces. It is modular, can be partitioned into compartments and its parts can be combined to expand it into different shapes and capacities in an unlimited manner. Its construction system in bocks with 150 litres’ capacity allows the configuration of different shapes and volumes.
All the models are 100% recycled, recyclers and recyclable. They have a double eco-design aspect, both from the point of view of how they are manufactured and of their use. They are made from post-consumer waste materials, mainly waste plastics from selective urban collection. This type of element avoids the finite treatment (putting it in landfill) of these materials and prevents the consumption of additional raw material in their manufacture. Once installed, it is capable of recycling over 0.5 tons of organic waste annually. This recycling capacity means that organic waste in the process of being composted will not have to be collected or transported, nor treated in an industrial composting plant.
It comes completely folded and therefore occupies very little space. It comes with minimal packaging that is also reusable and recyclable.
At the end of its useful life – approximately thirty years – it is 100% recyclable.

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Para/for Compostadores