Venis (Grupo Porcelanosa) (4312)

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Stylker ON334 - MAY/2013

Venis (Grupo Porcelanosa)

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Collection resulting from the fusion of materials such as stone, metal and ceramic, bringing together the aesthetic characteristics of these materials on a large-format ceramic base. Its metallic appearance and colour blends into the typical veining of natural stone. The high degree of colour grading between pieces and its soft touch are some of its main characteristics. Available in nickel, dark and brown hues, in the formats of 19.3x120, 59.6x120 and 44x66.

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Venis (Grupo Porcelanosa)
Carretera N-340, Km. 56'5
12540 Villarreal (Castellón) España
T/964 507 700
F/964 50 77 17
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