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Aftermath. Architecture beyond the architects

After travelling to the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, the project which represented Catalonia arrived in Barcelona in the form of an exhibition at the Arts Santa Mònica.

At the press conference that presented the show, the three curators (the architects Jaume Prat and Jelena Prokopljevic and the film director Isaki Lacuesta) clarified that these are two different though complementary projects—one going to Venice and the other returning to Barcelona—that pursue the same end: to establish a continuous dialogue between architects, users and projects.

Although the basis was the premise to conserve the concept, the materials and the sensations, the space in which the exhibition is displayed is very different, more reduced, and so the result is also different: in the Arts Santa Mònica room, the translucent glass surfaces on which the documentary images are screened float in the midst of darkness, like in a game whose aim is to cancel out the space to give a greater leading role to glass. Furthermore, the project is expanded with a series of shorts, interviews with the architects explaining each project’s intention and the way they understand architecture. The third of the exhibition’s elements is the catalogue printed expressly for this show, which explains the concepts that inspired the research.

Isaki Lacuesta again highlighted the format’s originality, which combines the language of the architecture with that of film in an attempt to have visitors “listen” to the sound of the images (the sound of the river Llobregat, a car park, a hospital, etc.). Says the film director: “You live architecture when you go, see it, breathe it".

More information about the “Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice” pavilion (project, photos, etc.) in the "Architecture" section of our webpage:

The exhibition will be open to visitors until 26 March 2017


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08002 Barcelona. Spain

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