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Paved space

In his first solo exhibition in Spain, the French artist Raphaël Zarka will transform the room of EACC into a hybridisation space where skateboarders and spectators will have to establish their own cohabitational framework.

Born in Montpelier in 1977, Zarka belongs to a generation of young artists for whom existing found shapes constitute the raw material for their work. While the starting point for his work is essentially sculptural, his interest in public space art and the challenge this represents is particularly noteworthy.

From a very young age he was fascinated by skateboarding culture. Zarka sets out the practice of skateboarding as a kind of rewriting of spaces intended for a particular use to then transfer it to the artistic metier.

His interest in reusing defines his “skateable” sculptures through scientific objects created by the German mathematician and crystallographer Arthur Schönflies (1853-1928). These shapes, made from Corten steel expanded to the scale of urban furniture, are sculptures in their own right whose angles and planes are suitable for use by skateboarders, who have to adapt to them in the same way they do to the objects on which they skate in the public space.

The upper part of the room displays the photographic series “Riding Modern Art”, photographs which Zarka has compiled from magazines specialising in skateboarding and which feature images of public sculptures and the use the skateboarders make of them. We should lastly underline the markedly choreographic nature of the images, which record figures and shapes made by the skateboarders according to the geometry of each sculpture, playing the sculptures like a music score.

The project, designed specifically for the EACC room, has been co-produced with the BPS22, Musée d’art de la Province de Hainaut in Charleroi, Belgium.

From 3 February to 21 May 2017


Prim, s/n
12003 Castelló. Spain

T/+34 964 723 540

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