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Joana Biarnés. The face, the instant and the place

The Jaume Morera Art Museum presents: “Joana Biarnés: The face, the instant and the place”, an exhibition which gathers a selection of photographs which represent a highly varied roster of faces, anonymous as well as public, captured in a variety of locations throughout the sixties and seventies by the creator behind the exhibition.

This selection of photographs cements Joana Biarnés’ ability to capture faces in a precise time and space; the ability to describe, in the present, a fragment of reality and of the past.

The photography of Joana Biarnés has always been concerned with reality, and her intimate approach has distinguished her from other photojournalists of the era. The reality documented by this photographer is located and reveals itself in its intuitive visage, in its decisive instant and in the place which is most full of meaning: contemplating the reality which surrounds us, making it visible and deciding which parts to select or reject according to the principle of the creative process of exclusion and inclusion.

The photographs exhibited, some already published in various media and others unpublished, from the author’s personal archive, invite visitors to discover faces, instants and places that were found decades ago but can be enjoyed in the present and the future.

Until March 20 2016


Carrer Major, 31. Edifici Casino Principal 25007 Lleida

T/ +34 973 700 419

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