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Miserachs Barcelona

Four years ago the family of Xavier Miserachs donated the photographer’s prolific legacy to the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona. As a result of the donation, and after years of cataloguing, the museum is now devoting two exhibitions to his work.

The A.XMI show presents to the public a part of the collection archived by the museum and outlines the variety of fields in which Miserachs worked: photojournalism, advertising commissions and editorials, portraits of personalities from the cultural and social world and even incursions into film production.

The second show, entitled Miserachs Barcelona, focuses on the Barcelona, blanc i negre (Barcelona, black and white) photo-book published in 1964. What is probably the photographer’s most outstanding work and one of the most relevant pieces in our country’s history of photography was a collection of around four hundred snapshots taken during the early 1960s portraying everyday scenes of Barcelona’s citizens. Streets overflowing with life, parties and spectacles, the daily shop in the municipal markets, crowd-pleasing bars and terraces, the city’s transformation, ‘Sixties fashion, posters and adverts of every kind, girls, women, children and elderly are present and shape some of the landscapes contained in this document, which captured the squalor and exploits of Barcelona’s urban society.

The exhibition’s curators have carried out an experimental exercise in the way they show the photographs. Thus, one of the most interesting aspects of the exhibition is the proposal of rereading the photo-book through the exhibition montage, with a very interesting concept that leaves no-one untouched. The exhibition space becomes scenic and urban, with some of the photographs being shown life-size on the exhibition route. The museum proposal succeeds in making us walk next to the personalities and scenes of Barcelona that Miserachs captured.


Plaça dels Àngels, 1 08001 Barcelona

T/ +934 813 356

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